Man wheeling a trash bin to be disinfected

If you are tired of your dumpsters emitting a stench, then there is something that can be done to prevent it. Regular cleaning and disinfecting is important in preventing a stench from emitting. When you use the regular trash pick up service, they will come and empty out your dumpster when it needs to be done, but they may not always clean or disinfect for you though. This is why there are services that can do this job for you! In the meantime try these ways to freshen the smell in between regular cleanings and disinfecting.

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When it comes to dumpster cleaning in New England, the team at New England Eco Wash always gets the job done the right way. If you’re considering having your dumpsters disinfected, but you’re on the fence, today’s post is for you. Whether you’re interested in home or restaurant dumpster cleaning, we’d love to help. Keep reading to learn more, then reach out today to book an appointment!